Weekly and Monthly Schedules

Weekly Meeting-Plan of the day

Monday: May 1st, 2017 (1900-2100)

Uniform of the day: PT gear cap specific (black t-shirt, gray/black shorts-sweats)



Officer in Charge



Lt Tabussi


PT/drill practice for those who need it

C/MSgt Conroy



Lt Basenfelder


Final Formation and Dismissal

C/MSgt Conroy


News and Notes:

Q If you are unable to attend the meeting:

  • Officers – Contact the Deputy Commander for Seniors 
  • Cadets – Contact the Deputy Commander for Cadets-C/MSgt Conroy at Cody.conroy@njwg.cap.gov


    Remember we are having PT games today come ready for fun and to be outside, weather permitting.
    Bring Money to purchase chocolate bars for sale $25 per box.
  • Have your forms 160/161 completed and ready for inspection.

May-Monthly Planner

Week 1:

May 1

Uniform: PT/CAP distinctive

Session 1: PT

Session 2: Drill and ceremony

Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy

Week 2:

May 8


Uniform: BDU

Session 1: CDI

Session 2: Safety

Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy

Week 3:

May 15


Uniform: BDUs

Session 1: Aerospace

Session 2: Aerospace

Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy

Week 4:

May 22

 CAC at 6:15

Uniform: Blues

Session 1: Customs and courtesies/Leadership

Session 2: Promotion review boards

Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy

Week 5: May 29-Memorial Day

 No meeting




        May 6 th -Trenton-Mercer Disaster exercise

    May14th-Mother’s day-Thanks to all Moms

         May 20th-Adopt-A-Vet-Gardening-bring a flat confirm with Ms. Conroy

            May 27th-Millville wheels and wings Air Show



Joseph Adamo, Lt Colonel, CAP Commander