Weekly and Monthly Schedules

Weekly Meeting-Plan of the day

Monday: July 24th, 2017 (1900-2100)

Uniform of the day: BDU's



Officer in Charge



Lt Tabussi



LT basenfelder



Lt Basenfelder


Final Formation and Dismissal

C/MSgt Conroy


News and Notes:

Q If you are unable to attend the meeting:

  • Officers – Contact the Deputy Commander for Seniors 
  • Cadets – Contact the Deputy Commander for Cadets-C/MSgt Conroy at Cody.conroy@njwg.cap.gov


  • We have divided into our two flight Alpha and Bravo flights, please remember to sit with your flight at each meeting and to go to your Element Leader with any questions.  
  • Alpha Element Leader is C/TSgt Cross, Bravo Element Leader is C/SSgt Tabussi
  • Those going to encampment print your packing sheets(Packing sheets that come in your welcome emails from the encampment staff) and start working on them now so you will have time to get what you need to get for encampment.  Some things need to be ordered and you may not be able to get what you need if you wait.
  • Have your forms 160/161 completed and ready for inspection.

July-Monthly Planner

Week 1:

July 3

No MeetingHappy Independence Day weekend!!!

Week 2:

July 10


Uniform: PT/CAP distinctive

Session 1: PT

Session 2: Drill and ceremony

Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy

Week 3:

July 17


Uniform: BDU

Session 1: CDI

Session 2: drill practice

Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy

Week 4:

July 24


Uniform: BDUs

Session 1: Aerospace

Session 2: Aerospace

Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy

Week 5:

July 31


Uniform: Blues

Session 1: CAC/Leadership customs and courtesies

Session 2: Promotion review boards

Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy



·        July 4th-Happy Independence Day

·        July 15th-Adopt-A-Vet has been Cancelled

·        July 28-30th -Solberg Balloon Festival

·        July 29th-August 5th -Basic Encampment




Joseph Adamo, Lt Colonel, CAP Commander