Weekly and Monthly Schedules

Weekly Meeting-Plan of the day


 Monday: September 25th, 2017 (1900-2100)

Uniform of the day: Blues (bdus for those who do not have them yet)



Officer in Charge



C/MSgt Conroy


CAC meeting-Drill and customs and courtesies

C/MSgt Conroy


Promotion boards/simulator training

Seniors and Cadets


Final Formation and Dismissal

C/MSgt Conroy



News and Notes:

  • Please remember we will be having a visitor from Wing.
  • Please bring nonperishable foods and personal hygiene items for donation to hurricane victims.
  • Flying W Airshow 9/30-10/1
  • We have divided into our two flight Alpha and Bravo flights, please remember to sit with your flight at each meeting and to go to your Element Leader with any questions.  
  • Alpha Element Leader is C/TSgt Cross (Geerinck will be the covering Alpha leader), Bravo Element Leader is C/SSgt Tabussi
  • Have your forms 160/161 completed and ready for inspection.
  • If you are unable to attend the meeting:

    • Officers – Contact the Deputy Commander for Seniors -Col Hermack
    • Cadets – Contact the Deputy Commander for Cadets-C/MSgt Conroy at Cody.conroy@njwg.cap.gov

  • September-Monthly Planner

    Week 1:

    September 4

    No Meeting

    Happy Labor Day

    Week 2:

    September 11-Always remember

    Uniform: BDU

    Session 1: CDI

    Session 2: Safety

    Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy

    Week 3:

    September 18

    Uniform: BDUs

    Session 1: Aerospace

    Session 2: Aerospace

    Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy

    Week 4:

    September 25

    Uniform: Blues

    Session 1: CAC/ drill and customs and courtesies

    Session 2: Promotion review boards

    Duty Officer: C/MSgt Conroy




    9/30-10/1-Flying W Airshow



    Joseph Adamo, Lt Colonel, CAP Commander