Commander's Corner

From the Commanders Desk


Hello Ocean Composite Squadron,


As you all know we have had some turnover in membership over this past year to include losses, gains and changes in senior leadership, particularly over our cadet programs.  We have also seen a few of our senior cadets’ leave for new and exciting opportunities such as beginning the Air Force Academy.  We are very proud of them.

Change can be a challenge and our squadron like all squadrons, is an evolving entity.  These new changes have and will mean taking on new responsibilities for many of us.  It will mean welcoming in and supporting our newer members as they find their place in CAP and perhaps most notably, I would ask that we all refocus on our personal commitments to our squadron and to CAP as a whole.  Our best chance at continued success is as a team!  A team built on the pillars of our core values (integrity, respect, excellence and volunteer service), a unit life style of scholarship, citizenship and accountability.

I would like to point out that Civil Air Patrol is a living system and as with any organism the quality of what you get out depends on the quality of what you put in.  With that in mind we have some exciting things planned: O-flights are a priority as always and Lt Basenfelder has been working to make them available at our home base, as well as working on getting several new aerospace/STEM projects for our cadets.  Lt Ginsberg and others have been working on chart plotting and ICUT, and we are hoping to be doing some transponder location activities soon.  SM Faser has been exploring new fundraising opportunities that we can participate in and ‘Wreaths across America’ season has been successful.

The Adopt-A-Vet Program will be making its triumphant return in the New Year lead by the efforts of Mrs. Conroy and will include some fun new activities.  We will be piloting a new ‘cadet spotlight’ addition to our meetings as well so standby for more.  Our OCS Home page has been getting some much needed updating as well, which you may have noticed thanks to the many efforts of Lt. Tabussi.  Please be sure to check out the weekly and monthly schedules and the upcoming squadron events links often because new events and opportunities will be added as they arise.

Everyone be well and stay safe!  And thank you for all that you do!




Joseph A. Adamo, Ph.D.

Lt. Col. Joseph A. Adamo, Ph.D.

Ocean Composite Squadron – NER-NJ 065