Emergency Services

Emergency Services


The Civil Air Patrol performs three types of missions under the umbrella of Emergency Services; Homeland Security, Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief. CAP is the primary agency for inland search and rescue in the United States. The objective of Emergency Services is to save lives and relieve human suffering. To meet this objective, CAP requires all Emergency Services personnel to have the highest standards of professionalism, training and proficiency to effectively execution these missions.

 Homeland Security

Utilizing highly-trained volunteers and its large fleet of aircraft, CAP can rapidly respond to requests from military, federal, state, and local agencies requiring training, emergency management, high-technology reconnaissance or transportation of personnel or cargo. CAP is a low-cost, nationwide force multiplier. CAP brings the following capabilities to support the critical mission areas of the National Strategy for Homeland Security:

  • Airborne reconnaissance, imaging, and transportation
  • Monitor critical infrastructure, restricted and sensitive areas.
  • Extensive ground-based communications system.
  • Airborne communications relay and sensor platforms.
  • Augment civil and military authorities in damage assessment, disaster response, recovery teams and perimeter security.
  • Man positions at state / local communications and emergency operations centers.
  • Provide air defense radar evaluation/calibration and intercept training.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Search and Rescue missions are always erious and critical endeavors. All CAP personnel who participate in SAR operations are volunteers who have been specially trained for the mission. CAP constantly trains members in the various Emergency Services specialties in order to maintain proficiency and maximize performance.

Disaster Relief Operations 

The Civil Air Patrol has agreements with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the American Red Cross and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary to provide assistance at the national level. CAP also has agreements with state and local emergency management offices to assist in times of need.

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